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Need to sell or negotiate with the bank?

We can help!

We know what you're feeling. You've had more than your share of difficulties the last few months. The good news is that you are not alone. I need Homes can help.  We understand that good people sometimes need a second chance. Most foreclosures are a result of an unexpected life event, such as:

    * Death in the Family
    * Difficult and costly Divorce
    * Lost a job or had to Change Jobs
    * Health problems with Expensive Medical Bills
    * Quick Cash, Foreclosure, or Can not sell

Maybe you're struggling with increased utility prices or fuel expenses or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that is unbearable. Maybe you've already had to file bankruptcy or get a forbearance and the repayment plan is not working out. Maybe this is all a big mistake and the payments you've been sending were rerouted or lost because your mortgage has been sold or traded. Let us help.

When Good People Need A Second Chance whatever the difficulty, we understand how it feels to choose between a mortgage payment or groceries. We understand what it's like to have continual phone calls from your lender ... calls at home, calls at work and letters in the mailbox.

You need to save your home but your lender is asking for too much money. You're not asking for them to forgive the loan but you need help creating a payment plan that you can handle but they say it is to late or past the period it was negotiable. You just need someone on your side to negotiate with your lender to get you out of the home.

We have caring people who want to help you and get you back to where you need to be. We want to help you get back in charge of your life. Contact I Need Homes today.

We buy homes regardless of the location, price, or condition. Depending on your house and your situation, we may pay cash, or full market value!  We can close quickly and most importantly, relieve your stress and take care of your real estate needs. Don't waste thousands of dollars on commissions. No need to wait weeks, months or even a year listing your house with a realtor. We are a coast-to-coast network of real estate investors who can buy your house within days...not months. Please REGISTER or fill our the APPLICATION to submit your info and someone will contact you right away.

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